Since we are a fine group of car owners these rules are pretty simple.
  • Though swear words and working on cars go hand in hand. We don't need to use them to describe our experiences with them in this forum.

  • We at Shoebox Central make our living selling parts through this site. It is not a free swap meet site for people to list parts for sale or promote their own business. There are plenty on the net for those purposes. I will bring back a parts wanted section if I cannot help. 

  • Posting derogatory images or links to such questionable content is not allowed. 

  • Hooting and hollering on a forum can be fun and I have no problem with that. I would expect that everyone treat each other with respect. Some posters may not be as experienced as others but deserve respect for asking questions. Harassing or belittling other posters is not allowed. But if someone asks for it then for goodness sake let them know how you feel. We are a free people and that is a right.