Thursday, June 21, 2018 1:20:06 PM

Insert Photos?

7 days ago
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How do I attached / insert photos?  Thanks.
6 days ago
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This has worked for me (copied and pasted from another post):

As for how I post (links to) pictures:  I use Google Drive.  (You need a Google account to do that.)
1. Upload the photos to Google Drive
2. In Drive, click on the image and click "share"
3. Click "get shareable link"
4. Click "copy link"
5. Go back to your post in the forums and click "link" (it's a picture of a globe and a chain link)
6. Right click in the box that has "http://" in it and click "paste"
7. Click "Okay".  That will make some code appear in your post that will end up being a clickable link once you submit your post.

The above system will not put "inline" pictures into your post.  It will put clickable links.  Probably not as good as the pictures that actually appear in the post you're making, but maybe good enough to do the trick!
6 days ago
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Thanks Jon...I will try.  John