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Body Panel "Clips"

6 days ago
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I'm not sure exactly what they're called, but the engine bay panels of my '51 Ford are filthy with them.  I think they're called body panel clips, or retainer clips, or retainers (see picture).  I'd love to be enlightened to the proper term.

Anyway, my restoration project has these a lot of places, but there's a small but crucial number that are missing.  How should I proceed?

Can I replace them?  I can't find them on Shoebox Central.  Are they relatively generic--can I find them at a parts store?  I haven't seen them before but I haven't really sought them either.

Do I jury rig something?  I don't have access to welding tools so I can't weld a nut to the opposing side, but I could probably find a way to install a washer and a nut.  That being said, any time I needed to remove a bolt I'd have to have access to both sides of the panels I'm working with, which would be either impractical or impossible in most cases.  (I've tried manufacturing them from thin metal paneling and I wasn't successful.)

Is there a solution I haven't thought of?  I'm sure this is a common problem so there's likely a common solution.  I eagerly await your expert advice!

6 days ago
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That looks like just a "Speed Nut". Should be available at any parts store. I believe Dorman makes them.I believe they are called "Speed Nuts"
6 days ago
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Check with Chris at 1-405-259-9222 (the site sponsor and parts guru) FIRST.

If he has no parts check:

Then find the desired part number.

Next use this site to find smaller quantities:

And enter the desired part number.


4 days ago
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I bought mine at Home Depot