Sunday, April 22, 2018 6:59:34 PM

Front end alignment with radial tires

8 days ago
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Seems like I remember hearing a long time ago that when you add radial tires to these old cars you need to adjust the front end alignment differently than was standard for the old nylon tires.

I just put 215 X 75R X 15 radial tires on my 51 Vicky,mounted or new steel wheels  that are 6 inches wide.

Anyone know the real deal on this and what the new specs are?
Need Bellhousing for 51 Ford 226 flat 6 with Fordomatic,need 226 1brl carb with dashpot,need FOM steering column dash trim.
8 days ago
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I've been running radials on my 50 for years and didn't give the alignment a thought. I'm about to go back to bias ply so I can run my skirts, the sectional width is too wide on the radials, they scrub the skirts with body movement.