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Aerostar springs

11 days ago
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I need new springs on my '50. I keep reading about the aerostar springs as replacements. How close are these to original equipment? I would like to keep factory original height. I can't get a measurement on my old ones due to the cup at the top. Is the diameter the same? The Ford I bought is only about 1/4" off the bumpstop. Thanks.
10 days ago
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From past post on the prior site The Aerostar springs were for a slight lowering purpose. It removed the need for cutting or heating stock coils and maintain a somewhat smooth ride. If I remember the drop was from 1 to 2 inches.  Sam
8 days ago
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Hey folks,

It's been a few days now since this question about aerostar springs has been asked.  To get a more precise answer, I suggest you contact Chris W., the owner of this website, to find out the true dimensions and other detailed information about replacing springs in your Shoebox.  You'll get quick and precise answers when you talk with him, and good service after the sale besides if you choose to do business with his firm.  As you can guess, you only want to go through coil spring replacement on a Shoebox just once!  Best of luck!