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Aftermarket Supplier

one month ago
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Is there an aftermarket supplier who sells or has available the round or circular door buttons or handles seen on some of the custom cars?  The ones that I have seen typically have a separate lock cylinder in place beneath the button.
29 days ago
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I think these are from late 30s early 40s Lincoln. Rare but can be found and expensive. Have not seen repro. Check with custom builders if any in your area.  Sam
29 days ago
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Thanks Sam, I'll attempt to determine if they might be from an early Lincoln.
28 days ago
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And the answer is -

1941 through 1948 Lincoln, both Zephyr and Continentals.
They are exterior door release buttons.  I checked Ebay, and a used set in good or better condition brings $150 or more.
28 days ago
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Also -

Available reproduction from Logic Industries LLC, Belle, MO
(Appear to be superior to the original parts)
Not inexpensive, but may be a sole source aftermarket supplier