Wednesday, May 23, 2018 5:46:11 AM

neighbor house

3 months ago
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their house burnt down , last Monday, a total lose. they are a young couple with one baby girl.. we live in the county about 12 min. from the fire station, but there was very little left. the man of the house  had left 30 min. before , and the neighbor behind noticed a small fire. my wife ran over to wake the young girl and her baby girl just in time to get out . by the time they were 30 feet from the house the garage blow up. thank God all were safe. a total lose . very depressing
3 months ago
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Hey Gary,

Congratulations to you and your wife for "being there" during your neighbors' drastic loss, and for reaching out to them--and to us--during time of need.  Your wife has already made a most significant and life-saving contribution to their welfare, and I have a tip or two for you if you think it's appropriate in days ahead.

Consider contacting your local Red Cross office, the people who specialize in helping families recover from big tragedies like these.  They can help prioritize things so that recovery is possible.  Also, if the young Mom or Dad happen to be ex- or active military, a support network is available to help fellow vets cope.  Church-based charitable groups can also help and be very effective right now.

You have already done quite a bit just by reaching out and sharing the news that your neighbors have been severely affected.  Now you can contribute just the part you and your wife are uniquely qualified to do--wish them well, encourage them to live day to day, and have 'em over for a pot of stew some day soon!  Best of luck and keep us posted!