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Guidance and mentorship

21 days ago
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Hey gang. I recently bought a 49 ford 2dr project car. I plan on doing a rat rod gasser. Currently im deployed and will be starting on the project when I get home in the summer. I'm just looking for tips and tricks from guys who might know a thing or two.
20 days ago
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Hey Alexander,

Welcome aboard the Shoebox Central Forum, and a big thank you in advance for your service to our country!  By joining this forum, by rounding up a Shoebox project car to work on, and by looking for some help as you begin your peacetime venture with your collectible car, you've set the stage for fun, learning and many helping hands along the way.  

When you get a minute, you might want to set down some questions you need answered before you can begin the actual work.  Chris W. and his team there at Shoebox Central can be of enormous help in determining priorities when working on your project, and I hope you'll want to consult with them in the weeks ahead.  Sure, you're bound to spin your tires a bit as you scratch around trying to pick up parts and knowledge from the rest of us, but that's all part of the game.  By sharing your hopes, it's bound to be a great ride.  Best of luck to you, and enjoy the process!

20 days ago
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happy new year , and thank you for your service. it always good to pre plan, i'm doing it all the time . you'll even change your mind a few times , but again good luck over there , and we praying for your safe return here