Sunday, December 17, 2017 5:34:24 PM

Seat Covers?

2 months ago
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Hello everyone. New guy here, bought a couple items from SC then noticed I could join the forum. I'm doing a 50 Club Coupe. Front seat is a mess, but back seat could be used with a new old-time cover.

I don't mean an upholstery kit, that's for later. What's on there now is a nasty looking plaid cover over original seat.

If you google seat covers, it'll make your head swim. I'm wondering if my only option is the Mexican blanket or cowboy blanket universal stuff? Thanks!
2 months ago
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I got a set of seat covers from E-Bay a few years back look
under vintage seat covers might take few times looking to find
what you like . just a shot good luck. wrs50ford Southern Wisconsin

2 months ago
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Thanks, Wayne, I'll put vintage seat covers on my ebay list.
2 months ago
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Ran across a company which a broad assortment of vinyl, velour and tweed seat covers. Flat or pleated designs. Also headliners, door panels and seat rebuild kits.
Hope this helps.  Sam