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Front Door Lock Knob Disconnected

6 months ago
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Hi all - forgive my descriptions, but I'm not able to snap a good picture of the setup - too cramped inside the door!

The front driver's door lock knob on my '50 is disconnected from the door lock mechanism.  The knob is attached to a thin threaded rod, which runs down to a pivoting lever.  One end of that pivoting lever looks like it should sit in a "pocket" on the door lock mechanism.  When you push and pull the knob, it looks like the pivoting lever should slide that pocket vertically - locking and unlocking the door.  

Problem is, on my front driver's door, that pivoting lever is not seated in the pocket on the lock mechanism.  Aside from the lock/unlock knob, the lock and door handle works great; and, if I manually slide the pocket vertically, the door locks and unlocks.  

The pivoting lever appears to be riveted to the lock mechanism.  Even if I pulled the entire lock mechanism from the car, I'm not sure how to get the lever back in the sliding pocket without drilling out that rivet?  

Hope the above makes some sense to someone that is familiar with the door lock mechanism?  Any suggestions for reattaching?  
6 months ago
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I had all four of my doors exposed but don't remember how they worked, I would remove the upper inside door trim from both doors and compare the lock function. I wonder if a good lubricant would free it up, use a oil not wd40, wd40 will wash away lube.
5 months ago
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If you will email me your address I will send you pictures of the lock mechanism from a 1950 passenger door.  The driver side door is very similar except for reversal of the components from the passenger side. I cannot seem to find a photo editor, drawing program or photo posting site that will take my photos after making notes on them.