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Lincoln Versailles 9-inch ?

6 months ago
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does anyone know if a Lincoln Versailles 9-inch will fit in a 51 club coupe? I keep finding different answers. I know that the maverick rear , or the explorer rears will fit easy, but thats not quite an option for me.
Heres the basics..
I have a 347 stroker motor thats currently in my 68 mustang. its a 450 hp, 400lbs of torque, and we think the ring broke in number 7 cylinder a week after it was installed. this was like 10 years ago. Since that time my cousin, who was a major help on the mustang, passed away and i just havent had the drive to work on it. My wife has been bugging me for that car, but she wants the old 302 back in it.  So im fixing that and sticking it in the shoebox. when i built the mustang i bought a brand new center section with 3.70 gears and detroit soft lock ,from Rider racing. Im planning to put the original pumpkin back in the mustang for the wife to make it more streetable. I  know i wont get the 1100 bucks i put out for the one i bought and would consider it a waste to shove it in a box and stick it in a corner so i want to use it. This is why im looking for a 9 inch that will work. A friend of mine has a Lincoln Versailles rear thats been sitting in his dads garage, with new brakes and bearings, thats he willing to trade me for a chevy  t10 transmission i got in a trade. Id prefer not to buy a new housing for 1000 bucks or get a used one narrowed, unless i have no choice. hoping someone might be able to give me some direction to go.
5 months ago
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Hey Tony,
Seems like you've stumped a few on here but I would suggest you speak to Chris,our host here on this forum.
He'll at least know if that rear will fit your car.