Friday, January 19, 2018 5:07:11 PM


4 months ago
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Hi everyone!  I just put in a new clutch pressure plate throw out bearing and pilot bearing and resurfaced fly wheel. i still have a little chatter in low gear and more in reverce.could it be caused by worn motor mounts or transmission mount? Thank You  Vito
4 months ago
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Go to search forum and input "clutch chatter". It will take you to where someone else had the problem. You can see what suggestions were which may help. Sam
4 months ago
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what i want to know? is could my chatter possibly caused by poor motor mounts or poor transmission mount,any one.
4 months ago
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bad, yes . poor or worn , no
4 months ago
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If it only chattered in one direction I would say a bad mount, but since it does it in both first and reverse its probably in the clutch. If the pressure plate fingers are not adjusted correctly the clutch will have uneven pressure and chatter. Also if the disc is slightly warped it will chatter.