Friday, December 15, 2017 11:28:02 PM

New or old grille for my shoebox

4 months ago
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Hi All.

I'm getting close to finish the bodywork on my 50 convertible and will need a complete "new" grille - the old grille is in a bad shape - rusty and cracked. I'm unsure if I should by a new re-manufactured or buy old used grille parts from ebay or similar.
Main concern is how well the re-manufactured fits.

Any one who has any experience with this?

4 months ago
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I replaced everything on my grille but the center piece with the "8" on it and the ring around it, I got all of my parts from one supplier to minimize fitting problems. Reproduction parts worked well on mine. Don't try installing it by yourself because its a handful.
4 months ago
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I'd give Chris a call.  He'd know.  Personally, I'd look for original parts in good shape and spend the money to get them plated in show chrome.  You'd probably spent more money than you'd like to admit this far, don't save on the shiny parts in my opinion.  I've seen the Chinese chrome on repop parts.   It's not great.   My 0.02.
4 months ago
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All of my grille parts were good enough to re-chrome but we don't have anyone in our area that does triple plating, EPA has a lot to do with the regulations in Georgia. I did keep mine in case I want to restore it.