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Thickening engine bay panels

8 months ago
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Hi Jon,
  Wikepedia has a good description of the process which has been around since early 1900s.
It is literally spraying a coating of heated metal onto a surface. Various metals can be sprayed.
Metal spraying is different to powder coating, which is a form of hard durable paint.

I haven't had anything metal sprayed but it is used by metal restorers and car restorers etc over here in Oz, so I'd be surprised if there aren't some in USA.
Mainly an industrial process but there are smaller jobbing shops too.
Hope that helps,
8 months ago
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(I'm a school teacher and the beginning of the school year, plus in-laws coming into town, made me put a hold on everything.)

The instructions were a little vague on how to approach the cleaner/degreaser and metal prep stage.  They gave instructions for how to prepare the solutions and then just said "wash" the area with the solutions.

I called and talked to someone at POR-15 and they said to simply spray the stuff on, let it sit for about 20 minutes, then rinse it off and let dry overnight.  I hope to get around to starting it this weekend, but I figure I'll probably want to do all three stages in a 72 hour period and my schedule might not allow it.  

I'll probably try a single panel first (I somehow got two of the same, so I'll try it on the one that is a little worse for wear) and then adjust my approach if/when I screw up.
6 months ago
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Finally got around to doing all the necessary steps to clean, prep and then paint the POR-15 onto the engine bay panels you see in the link.  One coat of the glossy black still allows the green primer to be seen through the coat.  Hoping that a coat of the POR-15 "Top Coat" will completely conceal the primer while also leaving a finish that isn't quite so shiny!