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Hello from a future Shoebox owner

9 months ago
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Hi folks,

let me introduce first. My name is Mike, I'm 43 and I'm from Luxembourg / Europe. Next saturday might decide wether I'll be a future Shoebox owner or not. But I think the chances are good because I already fell in love with the car. I hope to find the answers on all my Shoebox questions here in the forum. I'm a complete newby in oldtimers but as I said I fell in love with the Shoebox and I have to get one. I'm going to see one (which is for sale) next saturday on a vintage car meeting in Belgium. Hopefully it will be mine when I leave :-) .

Here some more infos on the Shoebox I found for sale. It's a 1951 Tudor Sedan, VIN B1RH141450. First I coulnd't believ it's a 1951 because of the center crown in the front grill, but my research on told me it's a real 1951. Hopefully the link to the picture works.

9 months ago
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Hello Mike the car may be a 1951 but the front end (fenders, hood grill) is 1949 Cheers Joe