Tuesday, November 21, 2017 4:07:40 AM

front fender removal

4 months ago
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I need to remove the left front fender on my '50 Tudor to do some floor board work. I remember it being easier to remove the whole front clip on some of my old Chevys than it was to remove a single fender. Is this also true with my shoebox?
4 months ago
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YES.  Marlon
4 months ago
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Hey Doug,

I think that almost anyone who's ever messed with old cars a lot (like me) would tell you that your answer depends on the number of rusted fasteners you do or don't run into as you try to get that fender off!

Seriously, your task will go easier if you take the time to scribe some alignment marks for reference so you can re-bolt that fender to its adjoining panels accurately once your other work if done.  I like to use new fasteners for this work whenever I can, with a little goozlum on the threads of the fasteners to control future rusting.  Good luck!


4 months ago
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Beware of the "Last Fastener Syndrome" know, that ONE bolt that just won't move!  Good luck....
3 months ago
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Ha ! So there's a name for it.
I always suspected that car makers designed that in to their cars to boost sales of rust loosening products.