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Loose Steering

13 days ago
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Good Morning Shoebox Drivers!  I put about 30 miles on my recently completed 50 Ford this weekend and had a blast.  Got a lot of double takes, thumbs up and "Nice Car!" comments, all of which I appreciated.

I was a bit distracted, though, by my steering.  I completely rebuilt the front end of this car, complete with a refurbished steering box, and am confident I don't have anything loose or missing...but the box sure seems sloppy...I have a lot of play in the wheel.  I'm looking at the Green Bible for help...but nothing seems to address "loose steering" unless it's the section on "Sector Shaft End Play"

Anybody got any ideas?


12 days ago
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Hey Ron.
Firstly, nice car.
The steering on my '51 Coupe is a bit like that also. I've rebuilt the front suspension with
new parts including a rebuilt steering box. Had the wheel alignment checked twice. I've had passengers comment that I seem to be working the steering wheel a bit when were out cruising,
but I think that's 50s cars for you. It's all part of the experience.
( And the sixties Ford and GM cars I've driven aren't much better).
Were all spoilt by modern steering and suspension I think.
9 days ago
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Thank you for the reply and nice comment. I have a restored 66 F-100 also that does the same thing so you are probably right. Ah well, just makes ya pay more attention, right?
9 days ago
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I have a little play in mine also, I've got used to it and its not a problem. Some were so bad in the fifties and sixties that I've heard of alignment shop having to set the tow inward slightly to control it. I bet people wonder why tires didn't last very long.
8 days ago
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Thanks for the feedback on this.  I am taking it to a local show on Sunday and am looking forward to driving it again.  Someday I'll get my significant other to do some video from the back seat (nobody has sat back there yet!) and I'll post a Vimeo link here...I don't think it's excessive...just more than I would have thought.  Pickup does the same thing.  Have a great weekend!