Sunday, December 17, 2017 5:32:32 PM

Project Update

7 months ago
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Well, after a couple years, a bunch of busted knuckles, a lot of hand cleaner and a LOT of checks written (for stuff I cannot do) my car is almost done.  ALMOST.  All we have left is to install some simple stuff (hub caps, beauty rings, wipers) and repair the arm rests.  My paint/body/restoration shop did a nice job putting these together but noticed some stress fracturing as they did the final assembly.  They are going to remove/reinforce/repaint those and then do the final buffing on my paint and it'll be ready for the road.  We have it in CT right now and will be taking it to at least one show there (Mark's Auto Parts in Windsor Locks) and then scheduling it's trip to my home in WI.  This car started out pretty well trashed, didn't run, had virtualy no wiring left (mice), and a LOT of cancer.  We took it completely apart...and when I had the frame laying on the floor I told my brother, "Well, I guess we can start reassembling it, eh?"  Sometime in May we'll get it on the road for some shakedown cruisin...after all, the engine hadn't run for 30 years (I had it rebuilt and she sounds sweet!), the brakes haven't been used for the same time (obviously I rebuilt them) get the idea.  Part of me is very excited, part of me is scared @#$% less to get on the road with the idiots out there...but just as with my 66 Ford pickup...ya gotta drive these things.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few pics to show a little before and after...later on I'll finish up my restoration video and post a link to that here.   Enjoy!

7 months ago
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Looks really good! Where did you get the interior door panels? I purchased mine from Mac's by Cartouche & they seem a much darker grey colour than yours. Think yours are closer to the original grey cloth colour.
7 months ago
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Thanks. I got the entire interior kit from Lebaron Bonney...they had a sale going a couple years ago and added a veteran discount. Still
Cost a bit but I'm very happy with the result
7 months ago
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Wow it started life like mine. Sure looks great now. Another one saved from the crusher. Congrats ron ,Enjoy
7 months ago
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There's more to that story than you might think! My brother got the car from a guy who said, "I'm gonna either give you the car your take it to the junkyard."  My brother didn't wanna see it go to the junk yard even though he didn't have the means or time time to take care of it.  I had/have a 66 Ford pickup that I bought from his son at the time and was restoring it...when he saw what I was willing to do to the truck he gave me the car.  We'll be driving it soon..cannot wait!  Thanks for the comments...
7 months ago
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Looks good Ron, I just got mine back from the upholstery shop on the 20th. Mine doesn't sound like the same car, its so quite inside I can hardly hear the engine running.
7 months ago
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Glad to hear that Mr50s.... I don't have a comparison to make because when I got the rebuilt engine running I didn't have any interior or glass in the car..haha, We should be road testing it soon
7 months ago
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I got my skirts back from the paint shop last week,now I have to get a set of 670/15 tires to run them. The sectional width is too wide on the p205r75/15 tire, they scrub on the skirts with any body lean. So there goes another 1k.
7 months ago
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Hey Greg,

Have you thought of running a pair of wheel rims that have a different offset built into them, so that your rear tires will clear those pesky skirts?

Come on you other guys, post up and let Greg know what the solution is so he can save a good part of that 1K he was planning to spend!

I can't help Greg because I prefer the "no skirt" look on old cars (born and raised in Southern California many years back).

7 months ago
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Can't help you Gary but I sure owe you a few cold ones or something for all the tips you have provided...

My car wasn't born with skirts so I don't have this problem...I also bought bias ply (correct size) tires from Croker and don't antipate any issues.  (I have bias ply's on my 66 Ford pickup and I love the old fashioned ride.)

Good luck Gary!