Friday, December 15, 2017 11:26:50 PM


8 months ago
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Although my dash lights light up when the switch is pulled, from the driver's position no light comes through. I'm sure the lights are working so why can't I see them even in the dark? I have never had the speedo out to disassemble it but maybe someone else has. Is there something that could be blocking the light? Yes, I removed the sockets and grounded them on the back of the speedo and they work fine. Even when they are pushed back in I can see a little light escaping around the edge of the socket. Going to have to pull the speedo case out and disassemble it?
8 months ago
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did you rotate the knob. the dimmer is in the rotation
7 months ago
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Yes, I did that.
7 months ago
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If you search dash lights you will find out how to remove the plastic inserts that are blocking the light. Also you will find out why they are there and it has to do with the paint on the dash gauges to make team glow.
7 months ago
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Thanks, John. That explains some of what I read in the book. Guess I'll be pulling the speedo. I think that must be the problem. Appreciate your response.Putting in all new clutch works now but that is next on my list of many things to do to this money pit.