Friday, December 15, 2017 11:28:39 PM

Reinstalling Overdrive cable.

8 months ago
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Is there access through the floor to connect cable? Also the used cable has only 4" pull instead of 5" they call for.
8 months ago
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Sir, The OD cable goes through a hole in the Firewall.  Open the hood and look at the driver's side fresh air vent.  There are two holes in the firewall directly under the horizontal seam that joins the Firewall to the Cowl.  The holes are on either side of the vent higher than the vent.  Looking at the steering wheel the hole on the left is for the speedometer cable.  The whole on the right is for the OD cable.  Feed the cable from the inside of the car to the OD cable bracket by the transmission.  To make sure your OD cable is the correct length get one from Tom, our host.
8 months ago
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Thank you Gary. The problem i am having is attaching the cable through the bolt on the transmission lever. I also had to punch the firewall hole to the right of the speedo cable and this was an overdrive car from factory. An indentation was there to know where to punch it out.
7 months ago
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remove the cover over the transmission tunnel inside the car.You will see the arm for the overdrive cable.
7 months ago
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Good deal thank you Except I will have to pull up carpet that looks like its glued down. Rats!