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Hey All,

There are quite a lot of potentially valuable findings hidden in those daily listings available on your computer.  But not everyone knows how to harness the real searching power of this medium when looking for our favorite Shoebox cars and parts.  Below is a guide to make searching easier.

Please note that our Forum hosts at Shoebox Central have the know-how and parts to help make that Craigslist find work as it should on your classic.  Be sure to give them a call!  Now here's my shopping guide.  Happy Hunting!

1.  Type, click Enter once, and after it appears type your search term (1950 Ford, for example) as your next search term. Click Enter again.

2.  Choose the major metropolitan area located nearest to you and click Enter on its box.

3.  Move the cursor's pointer about 4 inches down the far left column of the page and click the cursor pointer once on the word "owner".

4.  Move the pointer approximately 2 more inches to the box labeled "include nearby areas" and click on that box.

5.  Move the pointer diagonally upward and to the right until it rests on the small downward-pointing arrow next to the word "gallery".  Click on the small arrow, so that your search results will be shown in a list format.

6.  Move the pointer about 11 inches straight across the page to the right until it rests on the arrow next to the work "relevant".  Click on the arrow, so that your results will be ranked with newest matches first.

7.  Move the pointer upward and to the left until it rests on the small magnifying glass icon.  Click once.

BINGO!  Your screen should now be showing two to four times the Shoebox-related search results you formerly were seeing.  Much better selection for many of you.

When you've found your goodies, please follow up with a phone call to our Forum hosts at Shoebox-Central who stock the parts and advice to complement your latest find.  Good luck!

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thanks i'll try it
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Hey All,

It's been a few days since I posted several ways I've discovered to "surf" Craigslist car and parts listings of potential interest to us collector car nuts.  Since I haven't seen any feedback here on the Forum yet, I'm curious to know if I've failed to write up this method's steps as clearly as I should.  I'd be glad to try to solve any search or access problems for you if you'll just share what they are.

My free search method worked pretty well the other day when I found someone three counties away from me advertising BOTH a right and a left-hand rear quarter panel (new old stock, too with the original 1950 Ford part numbers still visible) with an asking price of only $300 for the pair!  Of course, the ad's gone now, but it got me rushing around trying to find someone else with a rusty convertible which needed quarters!

So please don't hesitate to look up my original post on this subject above and give me a shout here on the Forum if I can help you shop the country for free as you look for that special part or car you'd like to have!