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Steering wheel restoration

8 months ago
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I'd like to know the best way to restore a cracked steering wheel on my 50 Meteor.  Oh, and am I going to have any trouble removing the wheel like the other post?
8 months ago
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Restoration.  The cheap answer is to get a dremel and hog out the cracks right to the metal and fill them in with a two part epoxy, then sand, use filler and smooth out and paint.  I've been down this road and for a couple of minor cracks it works.  You are dealing with 60+ year old plastic.  I've found that 9 of 10 items the cracks come back, especially the high stress areas where the outside meets the center post.  For big cracks near the hub, forget it.  I've seen guys use bondo and show everyone how nice it looks painted.   Put it on a car you drive and show me how it turned out in a few months.

The proper way to do it, is to have it recast in the color of your choice.  

8 months ago
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I had mine repaired last year, so far it hasn't cracked. If mine cracks again I'll buy a replacement from the forum owner.
8 months ago
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Eastwood has a repair kit for $49.95, has everything you need.
I used it on my 51 steering wheel.
I'm pleased with the results........
8 months ago
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Thanks, I may try the kit.
7 months ago
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My steering wheel was trashed and when I looked into what it would cost to restore it I was shocked. Then I learned that Chris (forum owner) has them so I ordered one....and am very happy with it.  Correct color, good fit, etc.
7 months ago
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While we're on this topic, I've been thinking of swapping my stock '51 steering wheel for a white deep dish style from a sixties Falcon.
Assuming the US Falcon wheel is same as the Oz one, does anyone know if it's an easy swap ?
7 months ago
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On my car a deep dish wheel would be back too far, I have the seat all the way back and the wheel is still fairly close to me.
6 months ago
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Yeah Greg, that was suggested on a local forum here in Oz. the Falcon is deeeep dish.
I was looking at some fifties Fords last weekend and they are not so deep but have the same look. I reckon I'll see if I can source one of those.
5 months ago
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I bought a steering wheel from Chris (forum owner) for my 50.  I put about 30 miles on the car this weekend and love the steering wheel.  It's accurate, the right color, etc.  I'd recommend this if your wheel restoration doesn't work out....