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Door lock issue.

17 days ago
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Hi Folks,
I have an issue with the door on my 51 Coupe.
I cannot lock the door with the key from the outside.
The pin will lift up (unlock) from the locked position , but will not slide down into locked position using the key from the outside.
I have removed the door card and everything is connected. Before I start removing things, does anyone know whether the problem is likely to be in the push button door handle , or the mechanism inside the door ?
Any advice appreciated.
David C.

16 days ago
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It will not be in the push bottom handle, there's only a couple of parts in it. A bolt and a return spring. Make sure the lock assembly is oiled and nothing is binding before you go too far. The cylinder itself may be the problem, I would remove the cylinder an try a flat blade screw driver to operate it. The cylinder is held in by one screw that is hid by the door seal.
14 days ago
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Thanks Greg.
I reckon I'll have to replace both door locks via Chris.
The keys are well worn and could be original barrels in the locks.
14 days ago
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I replaced both cylinders and the key switch on mine, I wanted them keyed the same. If you remove the cylinder try the screwdriver through the door to operate the lock, if it works replace only the key cylinders, if not you may need the lock assembly.
11 days ago
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it could b a worn key.
7 days ago
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Thank you all for your input.