Friday, December 15, 2017 11:28:29 PM

51 ford project

11 months ago
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have a 51 4 door getting restarted on after 15 yrs. got real sick and couldn't walk for a while , but back at it again . moved 5 yrs. ago and had to build a new garage , 30x16, my oldest grand son help. so here I go. went to harbor freight and got 4 jack stands so I  can start were I left off ,. putting on disc. brakes and dual master cycl. i'm putting the master cycl. behind the org. saw that done on the old really slick and easy. i'll keep you all posted
11 months ago
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I'm having much the same done on my `50 Coupe by my local shop.  Can't wait to get it back on the road.  Do you have pics?  I'm deficient on that.
11 months ago
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what ever it takes to keep them old rods on the road,,,, go low and slow
10 months ago
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got motor painted and pulled rad. . going to flus and clean and repaint before putting back in. I was quite surprised that o'reilly's caries a lot of parts that they have in stock ,or next day order . cool to know