Friday, December 15, 2017 11:26:36 PM

putting a 350/auto in 50 custom

one year ago
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i am trying to put a sbc 350 (1971) 4 bolt in a 50 2 dr custom. Can't get it all the way in. i have a nova pan and have after market mounts. is there a trans problem that needs to be addressed?
one year ago
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put it in a chevy where it belongs.the Ford is rejecting a foreign object.
one year ago
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What is the problem?  The distributor on the Chevy hitting the firewall?  Front of oil pan hitting the front cross member? Not enough room in the transmission tunnel? Exhaust hitting the steering box?  Please be more specific and there are several forum members that have attempted your installation that can offer help.
11 months ago
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relating to this, with a 4 sp manual chev. trans. and bellhousing, do you need a transmission bracket?
11 months ago
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Wrong car , put it in a scrub
11 months ago
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I think 'Frank' is in the wrong hobby forum. These are available to help car people solve problems not to express sarcasm and bad attempts at humor
9 months ago
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I'm interested in info on what's needed to do this also
I rescued my chopped 50 tudor from someone
that was never going to finish it.
it would be great to hear from someone that has done this swap.
my car was just a rolling body in sad shape.
8 months ago
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I just had a new GM TKO 5-speed manual tranny put into my customized `50 Coupe.  Did I commit sacrilege?
8 months ago
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Well Gary you really did'nt make the ford gods happy but its better than no ford on the road.
8 months ago
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Somebody has done this right ?????